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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  March 29, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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confession, a sex offender admits to sexually abusing and killing a 12-year-old girl. >> that man will never hurt a hair on another child again. >> reporter: tonight how he's avoiding a penalty and an i motion plea from her family. an emotional day for a family, a registered sex offender now admits he killed a
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12-year-old girl on christmas eve. >> reporter: in late 2009, sarah foxwell was snatched from her bedroom in the middle of night. after missing for six days, she was found. >> it's time to move on. it's time to celebrate who she was. because now we can -- she's at rest. she's at peace. >> reporter: sarah's mother and father pleased with the deal. >> she was an innocent, fun loving happy little girl. she had lots of brothers and sisters that loved her and she loved them. and part of my life is never going to be the same. >> reporter: as part of the plea deal investigators also interviewed thomas leggs in depth. he admitted to every detail of the crime and researchers were sitting in hoping they could learn something. >> that man will never see the light again and never hurt a hair on any child ever again. he's in ha hole for the rest of
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his life. >> reporter: but leggs avoids the death penalty. what the family originally wanted. >> if i thought maryland would enforce the death penalty, i'm all for it. but we don't feel that they are going to enforce it. >> this is a horrible heinous crime, i agree with the public. mr.leggs should have been put to death. but that's putting the family in a lifetime of appeals. instead they want to remember sarah's life not her tragic death. >> beautiful bright star in the sky smiling down on each and over one of us every night. >> reporter: leggs has been interviewed by a profiler, they hope to use that information to solve other unsolved cases involving pedophiles. adam may, wjz news. here now is some video just into the wjz newsroom. two cars crashed, one lands on
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its side in the middle of the light rail tracks. happened on howard and fayette street. no trains were involved. a developing story out of north baltimore where a college student was found murdered inside her home. kelly mcpherson spoke with the girl's mother, kelly. >> reporter: her mother didn't seem to know what to think had really just happened to her daughter. but police imply that they know who they are looking for. a quiet sunny day is the setting for the murder of an 18- year-old girl. neighbors couldn't understand why a typically friendly girl would have been stabbed to death inside the home where she grew up. >> it's very frightening. i've been to charles village for people who have been hurt over there, and i'm very troubled. >> reporter: her mother completely shocked, didn't know
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who to blame either. i spoke to the woman's mother and says her daughter just graduated high school and was studying nursing. later witnesses say a 2-year- old child was taken out of the home where the murder happened. police appear to know who they are looking for. >> homicide detectives have been here this afternoon since we got the initial call. and preliminarily we believe that this was not a random act of violence. >> why do you say that? >> just off some preliminary information. >> reporter: one neighbor says she heard fighting inside the house before the murder. police are not saying who they think might be a suspect but they are not asking for the public's help in this case so far. reporting live from police headquarters, kelly mcpherson, wjz eyewitness news. this is now the second woman to be murdered in baltimore this year. the other woman was shot while
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standing in the -- the two suspects are still on the run. the victim is in stable condition at shock trauma. an alarming discovery during a preflight check. a pilot noticed the hole just before the plane was due to take off from the airport in charlotte north carolina. the fbi recovered a bullet. the fbi says there's no evidence that the plane was targeted. the fbi is interviewing passengers to find out where and when it happened. the massacre after virginia tech, 35 students and faculty all killed on campus in 2007. now the school is being punished, slapped with a fine for not reacting fast enough. kai jackson talks about how this has sparked change at the school. >> reporter: the department of education says it wishes it
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could have levies even more. the massacre at virginia tech is now etch into the minds of those who lived through it and the public that watched the horrifying images as they were released. >> trying to determine what it was that made norris hall the place of interest. >> reporter: police say cho seung-hui was the suspect. the department of education has fined virginia tech 55 how dollars. police say the school officials waited too long to notify people on campus. in a letter to officials, the
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university of virginia objects to the fines and plans to appeal. >> it's essential. that's why we come here. you know want a safe environment and everyone to look out for us. >> reporter: in a letter virginia tech officials say they believe they acted appropriately given the information they had available at the time. back to you. >> thank you, kai. virginia tech could have lost some of its $98 million in government funding. gadhafi's forces battered libyan rebels today. u.s. and other international allys have agreed to provide the rebels with money but haven't decided whether to give them weapons. the u.s. says they don't know
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enough about the rebels and there might be an al-qaida presence among them. derek valcourt explains family members of victims are not making an emotional appeal for change. >> reporter: 15-year-old conner cole struck and killed by a reckless drive. cole's father calls that man's punishment unfair. >> he did not go to court. we never saw him. he killed our son and just paid a fine. $1,200. >> reporter: harry koswski killed by a man who was looking down at a phone. >> i think perhaps even spending a week or two in a local jail facility might have gotten the point across. that what he was doing and the way he was driving was a serious problem. it was extremely irresponsible. >> reporter: both families now
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advocating for a change. the current law one of only a few in the country that requires proving a driver acted with negligence. that's why aaa mid-atlantic is asking the congress to pass house bill 363. it would be punishable by a $5,000 fine and up to three years in jail. the bill has been defeated for the past five years but already this year its passed unanimously in the house. supporters are concerned it will get caught up in the proceedings. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. and also in annapolis today. a bill to keep dangerous chemicals out of baby's formula is about to land on the governor's desk. the senate and house both
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passed bills to ban bispistonol8 by the year 2014. maryland banned bpa in baby bottles and sippy cups last year. the preakness is less than two months away. and the party is getting a surprising new mascot. meet pegasus. a half man, half horse to bring people back to the horse race. they will have live music from train and bruno mars. but they are no pegasus i can tell you that. >> it's sort of a manly man. i assume that kegasus means kegs like beer. a snow boarder tries to save his own life. >> give her my number.
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just minutes away, the harrowing accident caught on camera. and a threatening e-mail sent to governor o'malley, the man who sent it and why some people think he did nothing wrong. and a chilly night ahead. i'm bob turk, i'll have your first warn weather forecast next. ,,,,,, [ horns honking ]
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it is 37 degrees, clouds in central maryland right now. the complete forewarning weather is coming up. japan's crippled power plant continues to spewing radioactive chemicals. actor george clooney may be called as a witness in the prostitution case against italy's premier broloscoi is accused of paying a teenager for sex. the 17-year-old known as ruby said clooney and his girlfriend attended parties at the villa. the trial begins next week.
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sex discrimination at the workplace before the supreme court as wal-mart moves to block a massive lawsuit. the company has a policy of pay -- the woman in the case says the company has a policy of paying men more than women. a decision is expected by this summer. if the lawsuit goes forward, it could include 1.6 million women. as susan collin reports, they don't agree with the man's tactics but they do agree with his decisions. >> reporter: walter wrote governor o'malley because he
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says that illegal immigrants shutdown his business. he wrote quote, i would put my hands around your neck. >> reporter: avett is back on trial after an earlier conviction is overturned. more than a dozen supporters are by his side. people who believe the state has hurt taxpayers but giving benefits to those who don't pay taxes. >> it's frustration and i share it as well. when i go out to bid work i can't compete with these guys. >> maryland spends over a $1.5 billion annually on illegal immigrants. school, health care, inschool tuition. >> it is an issue about free speech, if you're going to kill somebody you are going to threaten somebody, why would you put your name, address and phone number on the letter. >> reporter: abbott who is get
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financial donations for legal bills, he says he wanted to go on trial. >> what's going to change if i take that plea? am i going to have a job tomorrow? >> that was susan collins reporting. abbott was held on bond, he was then released on his own recognizant. and james smith films his own accident and recovery. after seven minutes he was able to get to his cell phone, he then answered a call from his wife. stuck on a tree well, give them my phone number. >> where are you? >> give them my phone number. >> he recorded their efforts to free him, and said he will use the video to help educate other snow boarders. >> well take a look at this
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video. a bride and groom from st. louis stepped up to the plate and had themselves a very white wedding. they said i do during a snowstorm at busch stadium this weekend. while a baseball game would have been cancelled this couple plowed ahead. they hit a home run for love. >> i'm wondering what her father is saying while they're walking down the aisle. there's a better work out for now, i'm telling you. >> last week was 82 degrees two days in a row. they picked the wrong day to get married i guess. i guess. let's take a look at temps and conditions around the region. around here it's chilly. 37, no wind at all. that's the good news. just a few clouds, the barometer has been rising. 52.28 today. the average is now 59 and 37. and the records are 90 degrees in 1945. 1923, 18 degrees right now with
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37, 36 in elkton. 36 in oakland and around the metro area, low to mid-30s and upper 30s closer to the low 40s down by the water. with light winds just a few clouds. later tonight the cloud will continue to move into the region. now tomorrow during the day, i know this seems a little weird. for much of allegheny county, some of the valley, some of the mountain areas may see one, two, three inches of snow tomorrow as that precept we're talking about will move into the region. and that's for tomorrow, nobody else expecting much of that. we'll see some rain here. it's going to be chilly and damp. very light winds now. tomorrow the winds come down mainly from the southeast. they keep an ocean component in the air. out to the west. there's snow this afternoon in kansas. southern nebraska, moved across that region. kind of weakened, but more rain developing over kentucky, tennessee valley. we'll be in the northern fringe of this rain shield tomorrow. if it comes in early enough out
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to the west. we'll see that, a little bit of that snow. even north of the city, it is here at 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning. maybe a few snow flakes. in the baltimore region a little dry. and once that passes another system we will give you more precept on thursday night and friday. that storm is really going to wind up to our north. heavy snow across northern poconos. up across new england by friday. for us, slowly, slowly but surely we're going to clear out for the weekend. southeast winds five to 10 knots. tonight increasing clouds. tomorrow some occasional rain and drizzle. the next five day, 46 thursday, 49, 47, 53 and finally some warmer sunshine here on the second half of the weekend, denise. >> thank you, bob. the orioles play the final tune
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up. now they are prying for the start of the season. start of the season. mark has moror,,,,,,,,
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we're getting close, mark is here with our masn sports report. >> we're getting one step at a time. manager shorwalter called the spring training a successful one. they will open the season for real friday at tampa bay. derrick lee saved his best preseason performance for last. he connected for three hits against the toronto blue jays, that included two doubles and lee's first driven in for the orioles. the o's finish the spring even 15 win, 15 defeats and two games that ended in ties. the season does start for real on the road at tampa bay friday. then the o's play the home opener monday against the
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detroit tigers. our coverage comes your way at 2:00 friday afternoon. britain assigned to the norfolk team despite being the o's best starter this spring. britton will be back with the o's soon to make his debut. basketball news, university of maryland sophomore williams has filed papers to make himself eligible for the draft. but he has not signed with an agent so he could still decide to stay with the school. he says he is excited to see where he stands as a proprospect. it's his dream to play in the nba. he will have to withdraw his name from draft consideration by may 8 to maintain college eligible. terps in town to play at
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towsend tonight. katie schwartzman works her way to the scoring field. the defender national champs have won 21 in a row going back to last year. we finish in the nba. lebron james back in cleveland. the city that used to love lebron, but now they hate him because he left as a free agent. the cavs get the last laugh tonight. the cavs stun james and the heat. 102-90 is the final score. so not a good season but certainly a good night. when you're in cleveland you will take as many good nights as you can get. >> if you're looking for a home with plenty of privacy we have a deal for you. >> what it'll cost you to make this island your own. ,,
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there is a one of a kind piece of real estate for sale in the san francisco area. red rock island offers spectacular views for it's $22 million price tag. even the real estate agent admits all you get is bragging rights of having your own island. >> that's a good location. san francisco bay. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,, [ horns honking ]
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